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NHP Direct

NHP Direct challenges the rising costs of healthcare to provide affordable primary care to patients in East Texas.
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It is no secret that healthcare is changing. In some cases, insurance companies are injecting policy into the doctor/patient relationship that seeks to change care, while driving up costs for both patients and providers. Medical care shouldn't be about paperwork. Those debating healthcare in Washington, D.C. have no understanding of your personal medical history. Effective healthcare is dependent on a close relationship between a patient and a medical provider.

Eddy Furniss, M.D. and the team at NHP Direct want save patient members time and money, while advocating for individual health through consistent care.

What Does This Mean For You?

For one flat monthly fee, the NHP Direct plan includes:
  • unlimited office visits as medically necessary
  • unlimited texting
  • unlimited secure email
  • same/next day scheduling
  • annual preventative visit
  • an annual flu shot
  • deeply discounted labs and tests
  • access to a secure patient portal, and 24/7 cell phone access.

What Will This Cost?

To become a member of NHP Direct, members pay a one-time $75 registration fee for each new billing account to a family maximum of $150 for account setup in our new practice.
Primary Member Spouse Child 1 Child 2 3 or more Children
$60/month +$50/month +$45/month Free! $10/month per additional child

Membership in NHP Direct does not include care provided by specialists, home health services (such as home care nurses or therapists), prescriptions, laboratory studies, radiology studies, or other ancillary services. Insurance or a health share plan will be needed for these types of expenses.

Service Fees

All services not covered by membership fees must be paid in full at time of service. Click here for a list of frequently used services.


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