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NHP Direct FAQ

How does NHP Direct work?

Patients join NHP Direct by paying a monthly membership fee (similar to what you might pay for a gym membership or a cell phone plan). In return, you get:
  • unlimited office visits as medically necessary
  • unlimited texting
  • unlimited secure email
  • virtual visits through Doxy.me
  • same/next day scheduling
  • annual preventative visit
  • an annual flu shot at no extra charge
  • deeply discounted labs, tests, and procedures
  • access to a secure patient portal, and 24/7 cell phone access.
Most of our patients find that Liberty Health Share is a perfect solution for their healthcare needs as it meets the government mandate that requires all individuals to have healthcare coverage.

Patients covered by insurance considered "in network" for Nacogdoches Health Partners (i.e. Blue Cross PPO, United, Aetna, Cigna, etc.) are ineligible to join NHP Direct at this time due to insurance contract restrictions.

It's that simple. There are no hidden fees and no surprises.

What is the NHP Direct monthly membership fee?

A one-time $75 registration fee is charged for each new billing account to a family maximum of $150 for account setup in our new practice. If an individual account is later changed to a family plan membership, then a $75 change in registration fee will be charged.
Primary Member Spouse Child 1 Child 2 3 or more Children
$60/month +$50/month +$45/month Free! $10/month per additional child

What if my spouse has insurance through work, but me and/or my child doesn't have insurance? Can we be members?

In a word, yes. First we would highly recommend that you and your children sign up for Liberty HealthShare. The membership fee for NHP Direct would be the primary member ($60 and month) plus the child membership ($45 per month) for a total of $105 per month. This works great when the employee insurance is affordable, but adding the family to the employer's insurance plan is very expensive.

What kind of health insurance is accepted by NHP Direct?

NHP Direct does not participate in any insurance plan. Patients, however, are very highly encouraged to participate in Liberty HealthShare, another IRS approved health share plan, or traditional insurance not accepted by Nacogdoches Health Partners to help pay for expenses due to illness or injury requiring access to expensive labs, tests, specialists and hospitals. The IRS penalty for not having insurance is quickly approaching the yearly cost of health sharing and your dollars are much better spent sharing health expenses with others rather than giving it to the federal government to waste. The costs of an accident or injury can be financially devastating and we see it happen time and again. Also, if we find some hidden diagnosis, and you do not already have a health share plan, that diagnosis would be a preexisting condition and may exclude you from health share plans in the future (you can always get more expensive insurance but only in November through January yearly). Patients with Medicare or Medicaid cannot be members at this time due to government regulation.

What if I have regular insurance? Could I switch to Liberty HealthShare and NHP Direct?

Yes! If you determine that you could save money on health expenses by switching to Liberty HealthShare, you can apply to their health share plan. Set a start date for Liberty HealthShare and have your traditional insurance terminate at that time. The good people at Liberty HealthShare can assist you with any questions you have about their program.

What if I have an HMO? Can I still join?

Yes. Your monthly fee provides you with NHP Direct primary care regardless of your insurance or managed care plan. However, your managed care company or your health maintenance organization (HMO) may refuse to pay for any goods or services that are not ordered by one of their HMO providers.

How does NHP Direct process payments?

NHP Direct processes membership payments monthly electronically. At sign up, members will enter their bank account or credit/debit card and insurance/health share information into a secure payment processing website to register for the practice. Once completed, we will contact you to confirm your membership and set up your first appointment. We take care of the rest charging your membership fee monthly automatically. For other in-office fees for tests and labs, payments will still be processed through our credit card processor or patients can pay in person at the time of service. NHP Direct does not submit claims for in offices tests and procedures; however, we can provide you with a receipt that includes the prices of the services provided so that you may seek reimbursement with your health share organization or insurance

Is there a fee to register?

A one-time $75 registration fee is charged for each new billing account to a family maximum of $150 for account setup in our new practice. If an individual account is later changed to a family plan membership, then a $75 change in registration fee will be charged.

How are monthly fees charged?

NHP Direct patient members have no long-term contracts or commitments. Membership fees at must be paid on an ongoing basis until cancelation. Membership fees are due at the end of each month of service. Members will sign up through a dedicated link from Hint Health where they will provide a bank account or credit card information for automated payments.

What if I just want a few visits a year?

We believe that an ongoing relationship is best for your care, but there are no long-term contracts to sign. You can sign up for the service, pay another registration fee and the $60 membership fee for one month, then cancel prior to your next billing cycle. The next time you need a visit, you will need to re-enroll in the practice which could cause a delay in your care.

Are there fees to re-enroll?

Yes. If you discontinue your patient membership, you may be able to renew it in the future. You will be required to pay an additional re-enrollment fee of $75-300 in addition to other standard charges to re-establish your patient membership.

What's the difference between NHP Direct and Concierge Care?

Direct primary care is considerably newer than concierge practice. Typical concierge practices can cost patients hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month. NHP Direct seeks remove many of the financial barriers insurance put between patients and physicians while creating a personalized, direct-care relationship for a fraction of the cost. NHP Direct can help keep patient costs low by avoiding unnecessary referrals and referring directly to specialists dedicated to providing the most cost effective care.

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